The Kinley Family

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dusty turns the big 2-8!!

Dusty is finally catching up to me! Now I don't feel as old...although I still have 2 years on him. What a gorgeous weekend! We were outside celebrating with Dusty's family and got burnt after only a couple hours! Good thing we lathered the sunscreen on Kennedy. We had so much fun with Kennedy's cousins Hyde and Ruger. Hyde drove Kennedy around in his "Gator" and she loved it. At first we were a little nervous she would fall out, but Hyde was super cute and put his arm around her to hold her in. Then Hyde took both Kennedy and Ruger out for a spin. It was pretty cute. I am so amazed at how well Hyde takes care of his little cousins. He is such a special little guy. Dusty's bday was pretty low key with the highlight being that he got the weed wacker he wanted. Funny how getting older entails less exciting gifts! Thanks to Dusty's family for hosting a fun BBQ! We had so much fun!


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