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Monday, May 25, 2009

Playdate with Kyah!

Dusty went crazy with the camera and loved this picture showing her big blue eyes!

On our way to the park in the double stroller! We needed to try this thing out! Thanks Nelson fam for letting us borrow this!
This past weekend we got to watch Kyah for a few hours and had a blast! Kyah and Kennedy have been friends since birth and love to play with each other. They seem to entertain one another quite well! For the first hour it was amusing to watch them run after one another giggling up a storm! After all the playing around at the park they definitely needed a bath! It is funny how sometimes two kids are easier to watch because they keep each other occupied! Finally a beautiful day to play outside! I love the sun! I must say I was pooped after our walk! Thank goodness I had Dusty to help out!


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