The Kinley Family

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I know it has been a long long time since I updated our blog! I tried for quite awhile to upload these pics and it wasn't working, but I finally got them posted. We did this photoshoot for our christmas card this year and the photographer did an amazing job! There were so many photos to choose from! Tyce is now 6 months old and kennedy is 22 1/2 months. This year has flown by! Dusty is still doing great in his job and I decided to go back to being a banker at Wells Fargo in November. I am only part time and that gives us full benefits, so that is a plus. Medical is sooo expensive. I love having that break during the week and it makes me cherish the time I do spend with the kiddos so much more. We also took a MUCH needed vacation to Cabo a couple weeks ago and I will be posting those soon. I hope all of your holiday seasons were fun filled and not too stressful! Can't wait for 2010!


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