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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Real Supermom!!

Mothers Day 2011---what a celebration! And so many kuddos to the real mother. I never fully realized how blessed I was to have such an incredible mom until I became one myself. I used to point out her flaws, never truly appreciating the amazing qualities she personified. The list of amazing attributes is endless. I mean seriously, what mom would pick up the phone after I had already called 10 times just to relay another funny comment Kennedy had, or a stupid question about how long to boil an egg, or to listen to me cry for the third time in one day? She is always there for me, always the first to be on my side. Over the past year I have been an emotional wreck. My mom always was the person I called first. There is no one quite like her. She is funny, full of energy, giving, independent, thoughtful, and the best nanni out there!! I wouldn't be here today if not for my mom. I have put her through the wringer over the years--Lord knows--and she still loves me unconditionally...flaws and all. I have realized that what I used to think were flaws are now the reasons why I love my mom so much. I only hope that I can be as good of a mother as she has been to me. I have a lot of work cut out for me in the years ahead!! Love you MOM!!!


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