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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Update on Tyce

I don't know where to start with this post. As of right now, Tyce is still in the hospital but is doing better and I hope he is able to come home tomorrow. It has definitely been a roller coaster of emotions the past few days. As I write this, I am at home and Tyce is alone in the hospital which tears at my heart. I hate that I cannot be with him, but I also have Kennedy at home now and have her to watch after. A lot has happened, even since my last post. I must say, I don't know how parents deal with things without the faith that God is in control of everything. From the get go, I prayed and felt God always told me that this was just a viral infection that Tyce had. Today I was told at different times, that perhaps he might need a bone marrow biopsy and that something else might be causing his symptoms. I had to wait numerous times for answers and still felt that nothing too serious was the cause of his illness. So, after the hematologist told me that he ended up not needing the bone marrow biopsy, all that was left to look after was his oxygen saturation and to make sure he was able to breathe on his own without additional oxygen. So far, as soon as they stopped the oxygen, he was breathing on his own and his status hasn't changed. What a miracle and blessing! I just hope his status continues to improve and we are able to bring our little guy home tomorrow. It is crazy how a little infant at 4 weeks could have a viral infection and get so sick so fast. I will never judge another mother in the future when they seem too cautious taking their newborn out and about too soon because it is true when they say that newborns are very susceptable to illness. Thank you lord for protecting Tyce and for allowing us to not worry too much about the worst case scenarios. Now it is time for some much needed rest for the night because Lord knows I need it! Thank you for all your prayers and support through all of this!


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