The Kinley Family

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gpa and Gma's 25th wedding anniversary!

Dusty's entire family

The boy is konked out

Mommas and their boys

Aunt Sue Sue and Kenny

Little Ruger man

Future Duck??

Maddie and me with Tyce...she was such a big help!

Kenny loved the jumping gym!

She also loved the rocking horse

Momma and her girl

Grammy and Kennedy

Still needs to figure out how to wear Dad's sunglasses

GG and little man Tyce

Renewing their vows

Uncle George...we love him!

GG cried when she saw her favorite idol impersonator Elvis!

Us again with Uncle George

The whole fam

Relaxing on the swing

Dusty's grandparents with all of their kids

They could be twins!
This past weekend we traveled down to Fall Creek Oregon for Dusty's grandparents 25th wedding anniversary. They renewed their vows in front of all of their family and friends. It was quite the shindig! We took lots of pictures to capture the event. The highlights were definitely the sweet renewal vows, Elvis impersonator, karaoke, and lots of great food. It took a lot of work on all of the family's part, putting on the event, and everyone camped out on their property for the weekend. Thankfully we got to stay in Aunt Sue sue's bedroom with the kiddos. It was a lot of fun and really great seeing everyone again!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dusty's reunion and ANOTHER long night in the ER!!

Dusty already has him reading at an early age...

Us at O'Blarneys

Kennedy and her stitches

She loves her brother Tyce

Grammy babysat for us

Old man

He is growing so fast!

Grammy and her munchkins

Crazy Kennedy...doing what she loves...jumping on the couch

Before the big fall...she is still up at 11 pm!

Kinleys and the Linichs

Kinleys and the Lenzions

Dusty's best girlfriend from high school

Elisa, Destiny and me...can't believe Destiny is a distant relative!

I luv my hubby!

YES! We are finally going to be kid free!

Dusty and Scott

Elisa...what a cutie patootie!

Destiny...gorgeous girl!

Sorry I posted a bunch of pictures but the night was full of old friends and then a hectic ending! Dusty had his 10 year reunion at O'blarneys and we were so excited to dress up and actually look attractive for each other for once! After all the fun and relaxation, of course it didn't end that way. We got back to gma's house and literally 10 minutes later, Kennedy was up on a swivel chair and pulled this glass fishtank off the end table and then fell off the chair on the broken glass. It was so scary because as soon as we picked her up, we knew she was cut from all the blood everywhere. We ended up rushing to the emergency room in Olympia where we had to wait with Tyce as well for nearly 2 hours! Kennedy received 2 staples and a stitch to the back of her head but was a trooper. She hardly cried. She is such a tough cookie! After finally getting home at 3, we were exhausted neadless to say. I swear...we should have a VIP pass to the emergency room by now seeing that this is the second time in 2 weeks! Uh! Kids are stressful and being a parent is so hard. The worries that come with having kids! We are so so thankful things didn't turn out worse. At least they didn't have to shave her hair. They must have known how long it took for it to grow out! Always looking at the upside of things you know!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

KiDs Are sO FuNny!

The obsession with the binkie has just doubled...obviously she doesn't like to share the binkie with her brother!
...and she doesn't like to share HER chair either...

...and she thinks she has found a much better use for momma's underwear...

...its her new fashion trend coming out this fall...

...and Tyce wants nothing to do with any of this...
So I normally wouldn't post pics of my underwear for anyone to see, but I found this too amusing. Thankfully this week has been less stressful and the fun has just begun! Tyce is totally in the clear now and we are so grateful! Kennedy has now taken advantage of his good health and started to help out by gladly taking his pacifier whenever she gets the chance. I tried to give her her own, but you can see from the pics that two is much better than one. How am I going to break this habit?? Tyce doesn't seem to mind at this point. I think he is adjusting to letting his things be her things as well. One of her new favorite things to do now is burp Tyce. I think it is because it is the one time where hitting is okay!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Gpa John's Bday party

Kennedy absolutely loves milkshakes! She always signs please and more whenever we have one, but this one was made especially by gma for her
Tyce was konked out for once and missed the family photo

She has only just begun and was so excited she got her own glass

Gma Logue and Tyce

We are so glad to have him home

My kiddos

Today we got to enjoy celebrating Gpa John's bday at the Logue house in Oly. We were so thankful to have Tyce with us. It has been a whirlwind of a week and it definitely has taken a toll on us. For the past week, I haven't broke down or cried over dealing with Tyce in the hospital until today. Since he was born it seems like it has been one stress after another. First he was in the NICU, then the doctors scared us by telling us he had signs of Downs (which he is totally fine and healthy now), failed his hearing test, then back to the hospital for a week because he had a virus. On top of that, I was recovering from a csection, functioning on little sleep and just started experiencing the baby blues. Not to mention...we do have a 17 month old that keeps me busy throughout the day. Dusty worked the entire week while Tyce was in the hospital so that we could afford the coming hospital bills so I had to try and comprehend all the doctor lingo that was thrown at me through the day. It has been really hard but I have had a lot of supportive friends and family checking in and praying for us. Dusty has been very supportive, as much as he can, but I am stubborn and sometimes neglect to ask for help when I need it. Half of the time I don't feel like I need it, but after this emotional breakdown today, I realize that I do need to ask for help more often.
We are so thankful Tyce is healthy and home again. He has a repeat ear checkup this month and hopefully that goes well. A lot of times csection babies fail their first test so we hope this is the case. Keep him in your prayers when it comes to this please! Poor guy. He is definitely a little more high maintenance than Kennedy so that is also difficult. I think it took me a couple hours to finally get him to sleep tonight, which was only about 10 minutes ago around 11:30. That stinker! In the hospital, the nurses woke him up every 2 hours to feed him so he is on that routine and hopefully breaks out of that soon. This week tyce has a couple of doc appts to checkup on everything, so I am just praying for strength to deal with another somewhat stressful week. I don't think it will compare to last week though. I will keep you posted. Thank you again for all your prayers and support in all of this. God is good and I know Tyce is in his hands. That is the one thing that gives me comfort and strength in all of this. Boy, kids are stressful and it has only just begun. I can't wait for the teenage poor parents, now I know the stress I caused them!