The Kinley Family

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bodybuilding show

Jenny got 5th place and is on the right

Leah got 5th as well in her division and is second from the right

Leah, Kristy and us...we look pale

Go Kristy...on the right

Katie and Jesse

Just us girls away from the kiddos!

The girls

We are ready to eat!
We went to a bodybuilding show where 3 of Dusty's clients competed in. Leah and Kristy are also trainers at the studio where Dusty works, but Dusty was training them for this competition. They looked amazing and did so well, being their first competition. Jenny looked amazing too, she should have placed higher, but there are a lot of politics in these shows. It really doesn't matter what place they got. They all looked amazing and I know that I couldn't do what they do. All the preparation, working out, is crazy how much work goes into a figure competition. Dusty is an amazing trainer and I am so proud of what he has helped these girls achieve!

Melissa B's Shower!

What a fun day!

Jenn and Tyce

I have already trained her to do her chores!

Lil Owen and Kennedy

The Mom of the day and me

Holding lil Eddie

Carla and great to see the O'Neills

Me, Jenn, and Ali...gosh I miss them...

My girls from High School
I was so excited to celebrate the arrival of little Eddie with everyone. Melissa's shower was so fun and it was so great to see people from high school that I hadn't seen in quite some time. I loved the part where we went around and gave advice for Melissa or said something encouraging for her. She really is meant to be a mom and there wasn't much advice needed to give to her. Melissa is so unselfish and I know, in agreement with everyone else, that she is going to be a great mom to little Eddie. I am so glad she is back in Washington, although eastern Washington seems still so far away! All in all, it was such a fun shower!